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It has been my pleasure to work with Avraham Gileadi ever since 2012 when I posted about his site I mentioned that as a graphic designer, I wasn’t to impressed with the look and feel but the content was great. Brother Gileadi reached out to me and from there, we began plans on what is now the all new and we just launched today!

So to commemorate this momentous occasion, I made a screencast walkthrough of the basic features of the new site especially for you! You’ll probably notice that my speaking abilities are about on par with my sub-par writing abilities so please forgive what are merely my best efforts.

  • Particle Man

    Well done! I have enjoyed Gileadi’s work and this largely unsung resource from the beginning.

    Now, even though one may play the analytical commentary and switch views to read another translation while the audio plays, 1. the audio player is active only on the tab on which it was played–can the player be linked to all views? and 2. the audio player should also be on Comparative Translation view.

    • oneclimbs

      Thanks for the feedback. We had to lose the sidebar in the three-column view to make for more space, but perhaps there’s another place to put it, we’ll look into that.

  • I am just loving the site — you made it user friendly and it has great options for searching Isaiah and studying his words. Thank you. I will be sharing it with whoever has ears to hear.

    • oneclimbs

      Thanks! The site has been very well received so it’s always nice to get feedback.