Jul 11, 2017
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7 Years and 455 posts!

I always forget that July 1st is the official year mark, but another year has gone by and the blog is up to 455 posts! When I think of everything I’ve studied and learned up to this point, I eagerly await what the future will unfold.


  1. Richard J. Nobbe III

    Congratulations on all of your success – you deserve it! I remember stumbling upon your site with a lot of questions. I was faithful in the gospel, but I was at a certain point in my life when I needed further clarification and a window into further light and knowledge. I have no doubt the Spirit of the Lord led me to this wonderful place where I began to open my mind and heart to greater truth. Thanks for your help, counsel, and friendship. Here’s to many years of continued joy and success!

    • Thanks, Richard. I think it is great that technology can facilitate the sharing of ideas to help lift and edify one another when used with good intent.

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