May 6, 2019
1 min read

Couples Married Civilly Now Authorized for Immediate Temple Marriage

I rarely comment on current events or things like this on my blog but I’ve been waiting on this announcement for quite some time.

My family has a lot of members and a lot of converts as well. Being a Latter-day Saint already separates us from them in some significant ways and essentially banning all of them from participating in our weddings was a hard thing.

Later on, I learned that it was only in a few countries that there was a one-year waiting period to get sealed in the temple after a civil marriage. It seemed strange to me that there would be a different standard for members around the world.

In the United States and a few other countries, if you met someone, fell in love, and happened to join the church in the process, your parents as non-members could not attend your wedding. That has probably left a dark mark on people’s feelings toward the church for a long time.

At least now, this policy is gone and it gives the couples more options when it comes to how they want to celebrate their weddings and under a uniform global standard.

This is great news and it will bless many, many people.

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