Administration of Blessings

Jul 11, 2019
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Administering to someone is still somewhat of a foreign land to me. I still have many questions that I grapple with on this subject.

There are several kinds of blessings that are performed by the laying on of hands. Most of them typically involve giving words of comfort, instruction, or guidance that is intended to be inspired by the Spirit of the Lord.

I’ve wondered to what degree that I should keep my own thoughts and biases out of that process. Is it even possible to dictate word-for-word exactness the will of the Lord to someone? Is that even the goal?

Why should we say anything at all and not just lay hands on the person and wait for God to do his thing? Why are we requested to speak? Maybe mortal interaction provides more than we realize.

Perhaps it isn’t our specific words that ultimately matter, but the desires and intents of our hearts. Maybe the words we speak stir faith within all the parties to a sufficient degree that God can work within us. The Spirit can then carry to our hearts and minds the will of the Lord in its purity.

I don’t think it is a bad idea to ask a person what blessings they would like from the Lord even if what we think they need may seem obvious. For example, someone might be in the hospital for a broken leg but the blessing they desire may be something veiled from the naked eye.

Why not ask? Why not allow them to reveal their desire like many did when they came to Jesus asking for specific things. Isn’t faith demonstrated in the asking?

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Particle Man
Particle Man

In blessings, asking, pronouncing, touching, and writing are all acts of faith. Blessings can be administered through diverse means, not just by the laying on of hands. But every blessing seems to require an expression of the desire prior to an act of faith. The elements obey according to righteousness, faith, authority, and usually after some form of utterance. After you have prepared to give a blessing, is it not better to set aside all preparation and be neutral, seeking the Spirit? Shouldn’t prepared personal counsel be shared separately? Blessing according to an obvious need or an expressed desire surely… Read more »


I believe and know for myself it is possible to dictate word for word with exactness what the Lord would have said to someone in a Priesthood blessing. I’m not sure why we are to speak. Maybe it is an opportunity for all parties present to exercise faith. Faith in God. Faith in Christ to speak personally to you through imperfect men. I don’t know. What I also know for myself is the Lord uses these opportunities to bless our brothers and sisters using His Priesthood to comfort, guide/warn, teach, express His direct word for word counsel, promise gifts of… Read more »