By popular demand, the oneClimbs Newsletter has been created but I rarely ever send one out. I’m really busy and even posting things here at oneClimbs for my own study and purpose takes time. If I do send out a newsletter, it’s usually for something fairly significant that I think would interest others.



Q: What is the newsletter?
A: The oneClimbs Newsletter at this point is really only sent out if there is something that I think is really important or interesting. It could be notification of a new article, or of something exciting that has recently been discovered. It could be an update of the last several posts for the month, a notification of major changes on the site or a notification of a new project like being launched.

Q: How often do they get sent out, I don’t like a ton of emails flooding my inbox?
A: They don’t get sent out any more frequently than once per month if that. It’s possible that someday I’ll have more time to dedicate to a heavy-hitting, jam-packed newsletter filled with goodies that could get sent out a little more often, but if that happens you always have the option to easily opt-out at any time if you no longer wish to receive future emails.

Q: Do you sell my information to weirdos or Nigerian spammers?
A: Nope. My list is confidential and secure. I have no reason to give out information, I despise spam as much as you do (perhaps more).

Q: Is it worth it to sign up?
A: If you find the site interesting, like the content and enjoy hearing about new projects, etc then it might be a good idea. Whoever is on this list gets first dibs on new information, articles and projects.