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Constructing the Universe With Four Categories of Number

Jan 23, 2015  |   by: Steve Reed

“One and two are considered the parents of numbers, not really numbers themselves. And they give birth to the digits three through nine, in other words, trinity to the trinity of trinities. And with that and zero you can create […]


VIDEO: The Miracle of Life

Jan 7, 2014  |   by: Steve Reed

This is a pretty awesome video that I suggest watching full-screened. It’s a CGI time-lapse of conception to birth and it is really well done. We may think that nothing exciting is happening around, when we live in such a […]


“The Lady Of The Temple” Conference via the Academy of Temple Studies

Dec 5, 2013  |   by: Steve Reed

This conference which took place on October 23, 2013, in Logan, Utah¬†was filmed and¬†posted here at the Academy of Temple Studies and at First off, let me just say that I was really blown away by this conference; the […]

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 9.50.28 AM

Video: Nature by Numbers

Oct 29, 2011  |   by: Steve Reed

A fantastic short video that will help you appreciate the beautiful mathematical structure of nature. You’ll never look at a shell, flower or insect the same way again ;)


Thoughts on the Origins of the Universe, God and our Existence

Jun 5, 2011  |   by: Steve Reed

I often find myself pondering the order and organization in the cosmos and in the microscopic world. Some see coincidence, some see a divine hand; here is just another person’s perspective.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 9.59.45 AM

Video: God’s Cricket Choir

May 27, 2011  |   by: Steve Reed

So I just recently came across a video proporting to contain audio of a slowed down track of crickets chirping. The result is quite phenomenal but you have to hear it for yourself.

Picture 11

AWESOME: Take a stroll around the galaxy!

May 13, 2011  |   by: Steve Reed

This is probably one of the coolest things that I have seen online, it’s an interactive 5000 megapixel image of the entire night sky! With the 360 degree version you can look around the visible galaxy and see out into the universe, it’s a very humbling experience to say the least and a great reminder of the amazing wonder above our heads that we are oblivious to most of the time.


Two: The Exploration of Archetypal Symbols Series

Feb 21, 2011  |   by: Steve Reed

Two is probably one of the most amazing numbers when you consider all that it is connected to. This number is connected to some of the most important doctrines and principles like creation, opposition, witnesses and more!

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 10.35.45 AM

The Inner Life of a Cell – Amazing!

Dec 19, 2010  |   by: Steve Reed

This is an amazing video of the inner workings of a cell. The complexity is astounding and the people who put the video together really did a great job of showing these processes in action.