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Doodling in Math: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant

May 13, 2014  |   by: Steven Reed

I love symbols, and I love spirals and how they are used in architectural symbolism. The following videos are not about architectural symbolism, but the principles that are presented are worthy of consideration on a whole myriad of levels. Vi Hart, the […]

Yah of the Negev, the American Southwest and the Las Vegas Temple?

Apr 6, 2014  |   by: Steven Reed

In the book The Name of God: From Sinai to the American Southwest, James R. Harris asks the question: “Was the Shepherd of Israel, known as Jehovah, also known as Quetzalcoatl (The Feathered Serpent), as Pahana, as The Great Mystery, […]


Early Analysis of the Potential Symbolism of a New South Jordan Meetinghouse

Oct 16, 2013  |   by: Steven Reed

Link to the Deseret News article I was listening to the This Week in Mormons Podcast when I heard this chapel mentioned. As I looked at the photos, some things stuck out to me. I wish there were some better photos […]


The Whole Book of Mormon in 15 Verses via

Oct 4, 2013  |   by: Steven Reed

This list was obtained from a blog post over at Gently Hew Stone. The first impression I got was to scrutinize the list but it appears that these were very wisely chosen. I did something similar back in the mission […]


Tolkien’s Eagles, Angels, Intervention, Agency and Grace

Sep 7, 2013  |   by: Steven Reed

Eagles and Angels Now I realize that Tolkien’s trilogy “Lord of the Rings” is fiction but I remember wondering at the end of Return of the King, “Why couldn’t the eagles have just flown the ring to Mordor and drop […]

Thoughts on the Five Core Sacramental Symbols

Jul 12, 2013  |   by: Steven Reed

There are at least five core elements that are used in the ordinance of the sacrament. Back on June 16th of this year I took down some ideas in my notebook concerning them so here they are. I will also […]


First oneClimbs Documentary: “Reading Temples” Now on YouTube!

Mar 21, 2013  |   by: Steven Reed

Did you know that you can “read” temples? What if all of the temples around the world today constituted a vast library of new scripture just waiting to be read if we had eyes to see? This presentation covers some basic […]

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 9.45.21 AM

The Scale of the Universe 2

Mar 6, 2013  |   by: Steven Reed

Well, I guess this is “brother-in-law” day today at oneClimbs! I owe this post to Brad who emailed this to me a few hours ago, and I also posted The Enchiridion by Epictetus from my other brother-in-law. I’ve seen the older version […]


The Three Tests We Must Pass?

Jan 20, 2013  |   by: Steven Reed

I have been having a great time digging through Avraham Gileadi’s book “The End From the Beginning” which analyzes Isaiah’s apocalyptic vision of the last days. My favorite kind of books are the ones that help me connect the dots, […]

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 6.21.25 PM

Isaiah Identifies the Latter-day Archtyrant

Jan 18, 2013  |   by: Steven Reed

It always amazes me how we acknowledge the historical certainty of the rise and fall of nations in the past, but we don’t seem to think that the same fate is an eventuality today. Sure, men wanted to take over […]