Lynn G. Robbins’ Awesome Simplicity Talk

Nov 28, 2015
15 min read

Feel like you are too busy, and that life has grown far too complex and is unmanageable? Well Lynn G. Robbins had some great counsel recently during a broadcast to several Southwest states. The text of this talk was obtained from Gently Hew Stone, so thanks for posting that Jamie.

The talk begins by addressing some things we already know, that we spend too much time with technology. So yeah, we get that, but then the talk delves into a wonderful spectrum of quotes, metaphors, and practical applications. I think anyone should be able to pull at least one thing from this talk that can profoundly change their life right now. So for that, I’m posting it here.

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Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Presidency of the Seventy
Broadcast – NASW Area, November 8, 2015

Never in the history of the world have the children of God been faced with so many options that compete for our time, attention, and other resources.

Options seem endless. As of Aug. 2014 there were over 253 million products for sale on Amazon categorized into 35 departments. There are nearly 5 million items in the clothing department alone. [1]

We clearly live in a day and age of more than 31 flavors and 57 varieties. Buzz Light Year wasn’t too far off when he said “To infinity and beyond.”

Here are some additional statistics to think about, as you ponder the complexities of life. There are over 26 millionRead Full Post