Proclaim the Gospel


Oct 5, 2014
6 min read

The dominion of God’s people upon the earth seems to have been numerically small throughout most of history. I’ve often heard people question why that is. Of the billions that have lived, very little have had access to God’s commandments…

Sharing the Gospel, a Sacrament Meeting Talk

Oct 4, 2014
10 min read

Recently, I was asked to speak in sacrament meeting with my wife on the subject of loving others by sharing the gospel. I thought posting the talk here might be beneficial to someone out there. I attempted to make the point…

Ammon & Aaron: Two Approaches

Aug 28, 2014
10 min read

In the Book of Mormon, Alma and King Mosiah had rebellious sons who experienced a miraculous conversion. Fueled by a divine manifestation and a spiritual rebirth, they had a burning desire to reach out and share the experience. I don’t…