Talk: Pioneers and Principles

Jul 21, 2019
8 min read

This is a talk I gave today (July 21, 2019) in my ward. Being a member of the Church in the 1800s had its perks; there were revelations and miracles, but it also involved people mobbing you and setting your…

David O. McKay Temple Address

Feb 16, 2015
16 min read

An address on the Temple ceremony by President David O. McKay given Thursday, 25 September 1941, at 8:30am, Salt Lake Temple Annex (Manuscript in BYU Library Collections.)

A Message for Fathers

May 20, 2012
9 min read

I gave a talk today in my old ward with one of the members of our local High Counsel. I was asked to speak on fatherhood and thought I’d share the talk as a post today on oneClimbs.