May 24, 2015
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I don’t share a lot of the Church’s videos and media here unless it is something that I find particularly profound or inspiring.

I like that this video shows the reluctance of the individuals, it presents real concerns and objections rather than trying to portray people just happily going about this duty. Let’s face it, we do feel inconvenienced and burdened at times because that is just our nature.

We are ok with “services projects” that only last for a short time, maybe an hour or so on a Saturday morning or during time that we already have set aside for Church service. But this video asks what we would do if something was requested of us with no end in sight.

I don’t think we’d know what to do unless we were in that particular situation. I like the fact that this video simply shows the impact of a difficult situation and the blessings that come from it; that is one of life’s paradoxes.

In a parallel universe this woman could have been left to fend for herself only to drift deeper into isolation and depression while the men would have been going about life as usual. Unfortunately, that reality is often the condition in this reality.

But we get this glimpse of people finding themselves in very difficult situations and yet, something beautiful comes because of it. No doubt this challenge is not the preferable version of reality that would be desired, but somehow it becomes a blessing.

It challenges us to ask ourselves what blessings really are and what recipes happiness truly consists of.

Prayer, our Enemies, and the Poor

Jan 13, 2015
4 min read

Some verses in Alma have been on my mind a lot lately. The general flow and message is inspiring and challenging and there are many other little nuggets throughout. I was thinking about how flocks are mentioned here and how important those must have been to people living the law of Moses and their repentance process.

I indented a few of the verses where I saw a kind of chiastic pattern. It seems to emphasize crying unto God against your enemies and even the ultimate enemy, the devil. It’s difficult for me to think of who my enemies might be, because I can’t think of any. Maybe the principle of praying for enemies allows you to have compassion on them.

Perhaps I can find some politicians to pray for ;-) We talk of the sustaining support that church leaders need, but do we offer that same, desperately needed, sustaining support to public servants? (even though they may be doing evil things) I think of Ammon who came to serve King Lamoni who would kill his own servants on a regular basis. A tyrant became a humble and good man because a true follower of God expressed real charity instead of the rest of the people whoRead Full Post

The Holy Priesthood After the Order of the Son of God

Jun 6, 2014
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