Constructing Nephi’s Ship

May 30, 2011
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I don’t know what Nephi originally constructed his ship with, but today we’re going to build his ship with an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. I actually have a ton of stuff like this that I’ve used for lessons in the past so I’ll probably be posting some of these things every now and then.

So channeling that my wife frequents, I’m going to provide a simple papercraft project for teaching about Nephi’s ship and obedience.

My current calling is teaching the CTR 7 kids in primary. It’s a calling that I find very interesting and rewarding as I get to discuss the gospel with these very young minds. Well, today’s lesson was on how God helps us to be obedient to his commandments which is an interesting topic in its own right. We talked about how difficult and even impossible it must have seemed for Nephi to do such a task.

But with God’s help, he was able to do it because he had faith and was obedient to every instruction that he was given. So in like manner I handed them a sheet of paper like the one you will see below and asked them to construct a ship. They obviously were a little flabbergasted but when I mentioned that I would be helping them to complete the task, they were encouraged. So, step by step, we each constructed a ship and they were all able to do it with the help of their teacher.

The point was that in like manner, we all can keep each of God’s commandments if we will be open to his instructions and guidance.

Here are some pictures of the process, it’s quite easy if you’ve ever folded one of these before:



  1. Your directions are completely inadequate. Neither I nor my husband could make any sense of this.

  2. Thank you. My family will be doing this tonight for scripture study. It will be a huge hit.

  3. Thank you so much for these files! I used them for my Primary lesson today and they were a huge hit!!!

  4. Can anyone help me? The YouTube link is no longer active and the photos make zero sense to me.

  5. I love this and want to print it, but I can only print PDFs. Do you know how I do that.
    Thank you.

    • Right above the pictures in the post up there is a link that says “DOWNLOAD THE FILES” in all caps. Click on that, download the .zip file, unzip it and there are two PDFs.

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