Free Download: Spiritual & Temporal Goals

Feb 10, 2016
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Our stake president asked me to design a refrigerator magnet for an upcoming ward conference. The objective was to design something that would remind the members of 3 spiritual and 3 temporal goals that the stake wanted to emphasize.

I started with something kind of standard and boring but then decided to spice it up a bit and do something a little more colorful and fun so this was the result. I’ve included a vector PDF with the original artwork if anyone would like to use it for any reason, you can do so without attribution.

Download Spiritual and Temporal Goals PDF

Screenshot 2016-02-10 22.07.13


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Richard J. Nobbe III
Richard J. Nobbe III
4 years ago

Awesome artwork! I love the way you share your talents with others. Just about everything you do you make available for the benefit of your fellow man. That’s a compliment that’s hard to give these days… Anyway, so I was pondering about “Prayer” itself. What are some ways you and your audience can suggest on not only making prayers more purposeful, but also less “ROUTINE?” Sometimes as a church we focus on making sure to “have our morning prayers,” “have our evening prayers,” “have our mealtime prayers,” or whatever… I often fall into the “routine” of THINKING that, “Oh, it’s… Read more »

Richard J. Nobbe III
Richard J. Nobbe III
4 years ago

I really thought this would spark some interest on the subject of prayer! We as humans should be more willing to openly discuss purposeful prayer.

Richard J. Nobbe III
Richard J. Nobbe III
4 years ago
Reply to  oneclimbs

That would be marvelous!

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