Thoughts about prayer on a recent walk

Mar 26, 2016
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I was out for a walk recently at my in-laws and followed this trail that was laced with hundreds of bluebonnets. Deep into the trail, I found a quiet area that seemed to be a nice place to pray for a bit. It was a little chilly so that somewhat distracting, but otherwise it was fairly peaceful.

I thought of the contrast between this beautiful place and the terror and horror that is out there in the world. It is strange that two extremes can exist at the same time in reality and how one or the other can consume your entire awareness. I pondered whether I am at peace because of the setting or because of something much deeper. Outside influences may have an effect upon my peace but do they determine it?

I thought about prayer in general on this walk. I asked God some questions and thought about the answers and when they would come. Should I expect or demand answers now? In pondering, it seemed appropriate to move forward while patiently maintaining an open ear. Do I really want an answer to this question? If I do, then what steps do I take to remember it? Do I write it down somewhere or is it so important to me that it consumes my thoughts?

I considered a situation where I could have an answer to any question I had and what it would it be. What would I ask and what good would it do me to have that answer? What would it change, if anything? It seems that a really good question is a rare thing. If you can’t ask a good question, then how will you recognize a good answer?

These are some of the paradoxes that continue to haunt my thoughts. The heavens have answered me before and I’m no stranger to revelation, but I’m at a different place now, trying to harmonize past experiences with new knowledge. A growing child may not be able to fit into the same shoes they wore a year ago.

Growth is a principle of mortality and we experience it physically, mentally, and spiritually. When certain conditions do not fit us anymore, adaptation becomes necessary and patience becomes a key to progress.

Here are some other pictures I took.

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