oneClimbs Belated 9 Year Anniversary Announcement

Aug 4, 2019
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On July 1st, 2010, I started this blog, and I forgot to post about it. If I am in the habit of forgetting any anniversaries, I hope this is the only one!

We are barely into August and my 10th year of blogging with this my anti-climatic 550th post and two more scheduled to drop this week. Got some thoughts on veiled idolatry and visualizing the sources of ideas.

I feel like I should do something for the big 1-0 but I’m mostly at a loss for ideas. I do have one kind of big idea that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time but I don’t know if I will end up doing it or not or even if I should do it. I have 11 months to think about it.

There is another milestone I’ll hit before the big 1-0, and that will be the big 4-0 at the end of this year. Here I am thinking about my blog and I still haven’t decided what I’ll do yet for my mid-life crisis.


  1. How about something symbolic with the number 10 and any other numbers and things you can connect? Perhaps a video? A sequel to or reboot of “Reading Temples”? Something completely different?

    As for your so-called midlife crisis, if you’re not digressing but still climbing, are you really having a crisis, or just planning on it? (If so, if you don’t yet own a Tesla, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” ;)

    • I like the idea of the number 10. That gets me thinking about doing something about the relationship between 10 and 40, with 40 being four tens of course.

      A video might be interesting. The Reading Temples video has drawn a decent amount of interest over the years but I’m not sure that at the present there is much more I could say about the subject than I have already said. My objective was to produce something that would stir people to look at things differently and open new avenues of thought

      If I did a reboot, I’m sure that I could make the video even shorter and get to my points more directly and perhaps with greater impact. I’m not sure if that is entirely necessary though and if I were to pour myself into something like that again (which took quite a bit of time and preparation) I would prefer another subject.

      The vision of the tree of life has occupied my thoughts for quite some time but I’m not sure that I have developed a pattern of thought concerning it that would warrant a video presentation.

      I might regret mentioning this but what I had in mind was actually a podcast. The one thing I enjoy quite a bit is simply talking to anyone about their theological beliefs and looking for hidden truths. Having a podcast would be an interesting platform for initiating conversations with various individuals that I would personally like to converse with. Plus, I think such a thing might be of interest to others.

      If certain things go as planned in my life, I would very much like to start something like this but it would take additional time which is currently being used for other important things.

      I also have no experience doing anything like it so it would require more research and probably some very rough initial episodes. I’ve already secured the opening and closing music from a Christian artist and the plans as of now sit dormant. The content would be very similar to the blog and I may start into it by simply narrating some of my posts for those who might prefer to listen rather than read.

      On the topic of my crisis, I suppose if it is planned it isn’t really a crisis. But perhaps I could avoid the crisis by planning something intentionally crazy. Haha, I don’t think I’ll be in the market for a Tesla. While they are impressive vehicles, I’m not really a car guy.

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