My Favorite Isaiah Translation

Feb 16, 2020
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Joseph Smith once wrote that we believe in the Bible (and any other scripture, I’d imagine) as far as it is translated correctly.

For years, I have enjoyed the Isaiah Institute Translation of Isaiah which was created by Avraham Gileadi. You can read it for free at

When I get to any Isaiah portions of the Book of Mormon, I look them up at Isaiah Explained and I feel like I get a much clearer reading. I don’t get any kickbacks for my recommendations, but now that we are getting into the Isaiah portions of Nephi’s record, it feels like a good time to point out this resource.

Here are some other posts I have made about Isaiah that some may find helpful:

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  1. Gileadi’s translation is very helpful. And another useful translation, not only of Isaiah but also of the entire Hebrew Bible, is by Robert Alter. Although Alter’s favors literary imagery to theological terminology, it is unmatched in mirroring the literary features of Biblical Hebrew, which is enhanced by frequent fresh insights in its footnotes.

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