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We all are familiar with the acronym that poses the thoughtful question “What Would Jesus Do?”

But in pondering Matthew 25:37-40, another question came to mind, “What if They Were Jesus?”

In certain situations, it is certainly profitable to wonder what actions might be taken by the Savior if he were in your shoes.

But there is a profoundly different feeling when you look at any person and wonder how you might treat them in that moment if they were, in fact, Jesus. After a while, maybe we could learn that people have value regardless of who we try to project onto them.

We might consider that every person was once a small, perfect baby that some joyful mother looked upon with hope and love. Nobody ever looks into the eyes of a smiling baby and sees a homeless man, or some jerk neighbor or the weird quiet guy who sits in the back row at church; but that is who we see.

What if we learned to see differently? What if we learned to see that original light of purity in all souls and could help bring it back to the surface with something as simple as kindness?

  • Very well put, Steve. I think we believers often forget that we all have a little Jesus in us… :)

    • oneclimbs

      Yeah, discipleship isn’t easy. You don’t get to claim it by getting the bumper sticker or knowing some facts, you’ve got to change and change isn’t something that people do easily.

      • Change is very uncomfortable, if done for the wrong reasons. Inspired change can make all the difference in the world, towards that end.

        • Richard J. Nobbe III

          But I just ordered my bumper sticker!

          • oneclimbs

            Hey you can keep your bumper sticker. I’m not trying to bash WWJD, I’m just pointing out another way of seeing things.

          • Richard J. Nobbe III

            I’m keeping my Jesus Fish too. And my Virgin Mary nightlight.

          • oneclimbs

            Go for it man, it’s all good!

          • Hahaha! Hey, we all have to start somewhere–right? :)