The Lost Practice of Recording Prayers

Nov 12, 2014
1 min read

“To remember is to rescue the sacred from the vacuum of oblivion.”

The Crucible of Doubt by Terryl & Fiona Givens

I would add, “so record to ensure that you can remember.” I’ve written several articles here on the importance of recording spiritual experiences, but these are not my ideas or concepts, the scriptural record itself is a testament to the importance of recording sacred thing.

Scattered throughout these beloved texts are not just revelations, those communications that travel from above to below, but prayers as well that travel from below to above. It is one thing to record the blessings, revelations, preaching, and prophesying that are inspired by our divine Father, and another thing to record out petitions to him.

To form those words visually and preserve them, more so for you rather than the Lord. I suspect that all prayer is heard but if our supplications express the true desires of our hearts and we fail to record them only to be distracted by life, how can we truly remember those petitions to the Lord if we have no way of preserving them for ourselves?

Why not start a prayer journal and carry it with you? Perhaps you can record your petitions and observe the manner of your prayers to help avoid repetition or useless words and phrases. I can think of a huge number of benefits to this practice, but what do you think?

Does anyone out there have experience recording prayers that they would like to share in the comments below?


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