The Fourth Phase of Water

Nov 15, 2014
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This is actually pretty amazing and well worth the watch. They’ve apparently discovered this negatively-charged gel-like fourth phase of water that allows it to actually hold an electric charge. Get this, it’s all powered by light.


  1. Richard J. Nobbe III

    This is just fantastic. Kind of gives new scientific and spiritual life to all those miracles in the scriptures involving water: the creation, the parting of the Red Sea, the Jordan, turning water into wine, Christ walking on water, all the symbolism we get from water as a cleansing agent, a healing agent, the baptismal symbolism – including amniotic fluid, Ezekiel’s great dream in Ezekiel 47. And more and more and more.

    I have been obsessed with the symbolism of water, and its infinite meanings for some time now, so this post was very timely. That light is the power by which water gives off an electric charge is no coincidence and is a miracle in itself.

    I’m grateful for all the various things you post here including the arts and the sciences. The gospel is literally all around us and within us.

    • Richard, everything is kung-fu ;-)

      The more we discover through science, the more I see things differently in scripture and what’s interesting is how they begin to blend. Science becomes more like fantasy and religion becomes more and more tangible. I have many theories on this but have been unable to consolidate them into anything I can share here, it’s just too big right now but I’m working on it. I mean, I’m no genius by any stretch, but there are simple observable things that when you put them together, the implications are pretty astounding.

      People are too focused in trying to prove that there is a God right now. I think I can demonstrate fairly easily that if there isn’t a god now, then it is inevitable that there will be. Based on that, it is entirely conceivable that there is most likely a god now. Ironically, the theory requires evolution to be a legitimate function (which I think it is).

      I don’t need this proof personally, but I think it is helpful for people who have no foundation to start from.

      Based on our existence, interventional intelligence (a term I’ve coined) is a real thing in the universe. What I mean by that is an intelligence that can spawn, flourish and then actually impact the existing matter in the universe. Building towns and colonies is one thing, ants do that, but actually putting objects into orbit, decoding how celestial bodies (planets, stars not resurrected people) function, orbit and exist and then developing the means to actually make them, change them or influence them.

      We’ve started with satellites, but when we discover how to direct matter and build new moons (death star? “That’s not a moon”) or planets, and have figured out ways to shut off the death gene and human intelligence grows in leaps and bound because the great minds continue centuries and thousands of years building exponentially upon their knowledge, then humanity transcends itself into something more. Something that those living anciently or even today would refer to as a “God.” Now give humanity another 100 billion years, what would it be?

      Everything would appear magical or miraculous. Compare what we do today to a droplet of amino acids in primordial soup. You can’t compare the two, one is superior than the other.

      What is God other than an interventional intelligence much like ourselves, operating in this actual universe, manipulating actual matter, and interacting with actual people. It’s only a matter of relativity, time and scale, not impossibility. When you limit yourself to only what you currently know and observe, you close yourself off to accepting all of reality. It’s like being in Plato’s cave.

      I really liked the movie Interstellar because it illustrates many of these things quite well. If you haven’t seen it, it’s quite fantastic.

      Our imaginations allow us to transcend our actual experience. Sure they can take us to magical unicorn lands with rivers of soda pop and gumdrop flowers, but they can also allow us to invent rocket ships.

      God is our father, and we are his children. What we experience here on this little world is a microcosm of actual reality. Our bodies have metabolisms, life spans and reproduction and so do the tiny cells of our body. It’s just a matter of scale.

  2. Juan Hernandez

    Thanks for your post. I’m actually obsessed with Light, and when he said water absorbs light. E=H20 Made me see the ordinances with water as a way to absorb Light. So good thanks again.

    • You must enjoy D&C 93 then. Ever thought of yourself as light and how that changes the paradigm? Water is an interesting substance because it can represent chaos as well as life. Baptism is a way of immersing a soul into chaos and then drawing them out as a recreated being. Much in the way the world was organized out of the watery chaos of space. The ancients used to see space as a vast cosmic sea.

      • Juan Hernandez

        I’m forever returning to 93. I keep reading that I’m a little light, should let that light shine, must obtain more light, until I fill my whole body with light. Now I kind of see baptism as a bath of light from which I’m reborn. Really appreciated your reply thanks

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