2013 Interpreter Symposium on Science & Mormonism: Cosmos, Earth & Man

Nov 27, 2014
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I watched this conference as soon as the videos were published and I enjoyed it quite  bit. However, when I was looking for one of these videos on my site the other day, I couldn’t find it. I thought I had posted these videos but apparently I didn’t so here they are! There’s some great food for though and interesting things to ponder.

The Interpreter Foundation sponsored a conference on November 9, 2013, entitled “Science & Mormonism: Cosmos, Earth & Man” in Provo, Utah.  It was filmed.  Videos of each of the presentations are now available for free viewing on The Interpreter Foundation’s YouTube channel, or here on MormonInterpreter.com embedded below.

Daniel C. Peterson introductory remarks at Science & Mormonism Conference

Scott Gordon’s introductory remarks at Science & Mormonism Conference

David H. Bailey on “Science vs. Religion: Can This Marriage Be Saved?”

Richard N. Williams on “Science, Religion, and Agency”

John S. Lewis on “The Scale of Creation in Space and Time”

Ron Hellings on “Joseph Smith and Modern Cosmology”

Jani Radebaugh on “The Outer Solar System: A Window to the Creative Breadth of Divinity”

Bart J. Kowallis on “From All Eternity to All Eternity: Deep Time and the Gospel”

Amy L. Williams on “Answering New Atheism and Seeking a Sure Knowledge of God”

Jeffrey M. Bradshaw on “Science and Genesis: A Personal View”

Steven L. Peck on “Why Evolution and LDS Thought are Fully Compatible”

Life Sciences Panel Discussion

“The Search for Truth”



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