Free Writing oneClimbs

Mar 27, 2015
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Just as an aside, I think it might be helpful for oneClimbs visitors to know that most of the posts here at oneClimbs are produced by free writing. I didn’t use that technique intentionally, it just what sort of happens. Most of these posts are simply a reaction to an initial thought. I’ll start writing about that thought and whatever else unfolds.

Truthfully, I have no idea how good, bad or horrifying my grammar, prose or ideas are; I don’t consider myself very capable in those areas, but honestly, I don’t really care. The blog is called “one climbs” for a reason, it’s basically just one guy sharing observations and thoughts along the way.

I care deeply about what I write, but I’m not too concerned about delivery. This isn’t a scholarly journal, it’s more of a public notebook.


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