“’Cause what consumes your thoughts controls your life.”

Jul 11, 2019
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I’ve always liked this lyric from the Creed song What if. I think about them in the context of King Benjamin’s words:

But this much I can tell you, that if ye do not watchyour thoughts, … and observe the commandments of God, and continue in the faith of what ye have heard concerning the coming of our Lord, even unto the end of your lives, ye must perish. And now, O man, remember, and perish not.

Mosiah 4:30

Watch your thoughts; an important, a critical warning. Our thoughts are influenced by everything around us in ways that are more powerful and significant than we may realize.

What happens to the mind when one dwells continually on a particular subject or idea? What if one’s thoughts become consumed by particular ideas? What if the ideas do not originate from the mind of God?

It seems that beyond simply watching our thoughts, we should also be watchful concerning ideas that influence our thoughts as well and diligently seek to discover their origins.

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