Did David Kill Goliath With a Staff Sling?

Sep 11, 2020
1 min read

A friend of mine shared a video of a guy being super accurate with a sling which shows how accurate people can be with such a weapon.

Then I came across a related video where some guys do some experiments to see how much more deadly a staff sling can be. A staff sling can launch larger rocks at a higher velocity.

They test a Y-shaped slingshot for speed and it hits anywhere from 146-216 miles per hour, but the sling staff was only able to hit a max of 109 feet per second.

However, when you look at their results of the actual energy being released by each projecting the results are dramatic. The smaller projectiles used by the slingshot were much weaker in comparison to the larger projectiles that the staff sling was launching.

They even stick a coconut (to simulate a skull) in ballistics gelatin (to simulate flesh) and the results aren’t pretty.

I wasn’t aware that this weapon existed but this was a fun experiment that made me look at the story of David and Goliath in a new light.

It was also a reminder that even though we may read a particular scripture hundreds or thousands of times, one little piece of information can come along and open up many more possibilities.

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