JRNL Rootstech video with yours truly

Jun 17, 2016
0 min read

A little taste of our experience at Rootstech this year. You’ll see Nick Jones, my business partner and I’m in there too! Check out JRNL.com if you’re looking for a great journaling solution. Keep your eye out in the next…

Coming to Salt Lake City this Feb!

Jan 21, 2016
1 min read

This is kind of a first for oneClimbs.com, I’ve never posted a particular location where I will be appearing at before. However, since I’m pretty much already doing that on facebook, I might as well extend an invitation to anyone…


Oct 10, 2015
4 min read

For full disclosure, note that I’m running ads for an online journaling service called JRNL.com. I’ve written about journaling and keeping your own set of “small plates” before many times. I just wanted to note publicly that, I’m one of the…