JRNL Rootstech video with yours truly

Jun 17, 2016
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A little taste of our experience at Rootstech this year. You’ll see Nick Jones, my business partner and I’m in there too! Check out JRNL.com if you’re looking for a great journaling solution. Keep your eye out in the next few weeks, we have some major updates coming along with the ability to import social media content, it’s gonna be awesome!

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Richard J. Nobbe III
Richard J. Nobbe III
4 years ago

Life IS worth recording! It’s well documented that Joseph Smith did not care for the clerical responsibilities of the church that the Lord revealed to him, but he still did it. I think there is something important – even holy – about recording and preserving memories. Just as prophets are commanded to write scripture, we are likewise commanded to write “family scripture” and “personal scripture.” I think we will be held accountable at the last days for our personal “clerical work.” We are living in a time that is very special and unlike any other time in history. We have… Read more »

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