Oct 10, 2015
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THIRST, verb intransitive
1. To experience a painful sensation of the throat or fauces for want of drink.
2. To have a vehement desire for any thing.

When one is thirsty, but just barely, they will refuse perfectly clean water on account of the smallest smudge on the glass.

When one is thirsty, and near to death from dehydration, they will enthusiastically guzzle stagnant slime from a puddle on the ground if that is all they can find.

Many people today don’t drink enough water. They stay indoors, never break a sweat or move much, and are so “busy,” with so many things that they just forget to drink.

When is the last time you quenched your thirst for living water? How long has it been since you took a nice, long, refreshing drink? Or have you passed up many opportunities because of a blemish upon the glass that God hands you?

Nov 15, 2014
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The Fourth Phase of Water

This is actually pretty amazing and well worth the watch. They’ve apparently discovered this negatively-charged gel-like fourth phase of water that allows it to actually hold an electric charge. Get this, it’s all powered by light.