Notes From the Climb: Nov – Dec 2013

Dec 31, 2013
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  • Pray that we may hear the Lord’s voice through whatever channel he chooses to send it.
  • Any circumstance becomes distorted once perspective is lost.
  • We tend to not forget the things that change us.
  • Our willingness to receive the servants of God is a reflection of our willingness to receive God.
  • Anyone who receives the Melchizedek priesthood covenants to receive God through all of his servants, including home teachers. It provides us the opportunity to cultivate humility and love.


  • “Seen for what it is, [the endowment] is the step-by-step ascent into the Eternal presence” – David O. McKay
  • “If you understood the ordinances of the House of the Lord, you would crawl on your hands and feet for thousands of miles in order to receive them!” – Spencer W. Kimball
  • Teach children that there is a way back from transgression, show them the way back, and then confirm to them that they have gained your favor once again so they can have confidence in your presence and never fear.
  • The harder it may seem to accomplish one of God’s commandments, the more we can expect miracles to bring about his will.

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