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Isaiah Identifies the Latter-day Archtyrant

Jan 18, 2013  |   by: Steve Reed

It always amazes me how we acknowledge the historical certainty of the rise and fall of nations in the past, but we don’t seem to think that the same fate is an eventuality today. Sure, men wanted to take over […]


Seventy-three Percent

Nov 7, 2012  |   by: Steve Reed

In the September 2012 edition of the Latter-day Saint publication The Ensign, David Brent Marsh wrote: God foresaw our day and called the Prophet Joseph Smith to bring forth the Book of Mormon to help us. Of the 239 chapters in the Book of Mormon, […]


Justice and Mercy: A Unique Teaching Moment With my Kids

Aug 26, 2012  |   by: Steve Reed

Meet “Peter” the “Polly Pocket” (or “Peter Pocket?”) who also happens to be the object of the latest source of contention in the Reed household. I’m going to try my best to accurately capture a discussion that just transpired minutes […]

There are two consequences in history…

Aug 24, 2012  |   by: Steve Reed

There are two consequences in history: one immediate and instantaneously recognized; the other distant and unperceived at first. These consequences often contradict each other; the former come from our short-run wisdom, the latter from long-run wisdom. The providential event appears […]


Hyrum Smith on Choosing a President and Parties

Jul 30, 2012  |   by: Steve Reed

We engage in the election the same as in any other principle: you are to vote for good men, and if you do not do this it is a sin: to vote for wicked men, it would be sin. Choose […]

Travel Trip The Real George_1103

George Washington’s 1796 Farewell Address

Feb 19, 2012  |   by: Steve Reed

Please take some time to go through and read the words of this great man, George Washington. May there yet be men like this in the world to lead and inspire us.

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Let Us Have Peace by J. Reuben Clark Jr.

Feb 5, 2012  |   by: Steve Reed

“I believe that moral force is far more potent than physical force in international relations…”

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Persuasion vs. Force

Dec 4, 2011  |   by: Steve Reed

Too often lawmakers resort to the force of law rather than the power of persuasion to solve a problem in society. In this brilliant essay, Mark and Jo Ann Skousen proclaim a better way…


A message to all true patriots from Ezra Taft Benson

Nov 20, 2011  |   by: Steve Reed

This is a fantastic quote from Ezra Taft Benson from his book “An Enemy Hath Done This”

4 Mormon Farewell

Was 9/11 our Mormon 3:10?

Sep 11, 2011  |   by: Steve Reed

The wickedness of the Nephites proved their destruction, that we know. Part of this wickedness was a dramatic shift in their policy of war, a policy that we have adopted here in our day.