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Karate Kid Perspective on Ordinances

Aug 9, 2013  |   by: Steve Reed

For those who have seen the original Karate Kid movie you’re probably familiar with the famous “wax on, wax off” lesson that Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel. I like the updated version of this lesson presented in the new Karate Kid movie […]

Prayer before the altar of incense.

The Relationship Between The Ancient Israelite Temple And The Endowment via

Apr 8, 2013  |   by: Steve Reed

The following article is from Professor William J. Hamblin has offered some good starting points in considering the relationship between the ancient Israelite temple ritual and the modern day LDS temple endowment.  It is from this vantage point that we should […]


The Nephite Interpreters

Mar 18, 2013  |   by: Steve Reed

Pictured above is my latest rendering of the Nephite Interpreters that were in the possession of Joseph Smith for a time. I have always wondered what these instruments must have looked like so I began by creating a few simple illustrations. Over […]


A Few Notes About Temple-related Clothing From the Temple Institute

Jan 14, 2013  |   by: Steve Reed

All of the notes below are taken directly from the Temple Institute which is an organization seeking to rebuild the third temple on Mount Moriah. Moses was instructed by G-d that the garments of the priests were to be both […]


Sikhism’s “Five Ks” and Other Sacred Clothing and Artifacts

Apr 15, 2012  |   by: Steve Reed

A look into the “Five Ks” of Sikhism and how the practice of this tenet of faith relates to LDS theology.


White Cloth, Fire and the Glory of God

May 16, 2011  |   by: Steve Reed

It has occurred to me over the years that there is something significant about white cloth and its use in religious practices and metaphors.


Sanctuary Vesture: A Brief Overview and Comparison via Temple Study

Mar 6, 2011  |   by: Steve Reed

Matthew B. Brown wrote an article on TempleStudy comparing the general ideas behind ancient Israelite and Latter-day Saint ceremonial temple clothing. It’s a short but informative read.