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    These are the people who buy the life of this world at the price of the Hereafter. - Qur'an 2:86

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May 22, 2015  |   by: Steve Reed

We all are familiar with the acronym that poses the thoughtful question “What Would Jesus Do?” But in pondering Matthew 25:37-40, another question came to mind, “What if They Were Jesus?” In certain situations, it is certainly profitable to wonder […]

The Rise of Righteous Rulers: An Open Letter to Men

Jan 9, 2015  |   by: Steve Reed

I’ve been working on this particular article for months, maybe close to a year. I can keep tweaking this over and over or I can just share what I’ve got thus far, so that’s what I’m doing. Because I am […]

Sharing the Gospel, a Sacrament Meeting Talk

Oct 4, 2014  |   by: Steve Reed

Recently, I was asked to speak in sacrament meeting with my wife on the subject of loving others by sharing the gospel. I thought posting the talk here might be beneficial to someone out there. I attempted to make the point […]

The Holy Priesthood After the Order of the Son of God

Jun 6, 2014  |   by: Steve Reed

An LDS Meetinghouse in American Fork, UT Emphasizes 8

Feb 18, 2014  |   by: Steve Reed

I was up in Utah for a wedding and while driving around American Fork I stopped my car when I saw this LDS meetinghouse. I was immediately reminded of a chapel here in Nevada that I really like. Just like […]


With Sudden Violence

Nov 18, 2013  |   by: Steve Reed

The scriptures often talk about having a broken heart, but what does that mean? Does God want us to be sad? I believe that many of the problems we experience in understanding the ancient concepts contained in the scriptures is […]


…And Say Unto You, ‘Receive the Mind of God’

Oct 30, 2013  |   by: Steve Reed

The Lectures on Faith is a fantastic addition to the doctrinal knowledge base of the Latter-day Saints. They were part of the Doctrine and Covenants for almost 100 years and were separated from the canon on the grounds that they […]


Early Analysis of the Potential Symbolism of a New South Jordan Meetinghouse

Oct 16, 2013  |   by: Steve Reed

Link to the Deseret News article I was listening to the This Week in Mormons Podcast when I heard this chapel mentioned. As I looked at the photos, some things stuck out to me. I wish there were some better photos […]


Repentance: a process of addition not subtraction

Oct 1, 2013  |   by: Steve Reed

I came across this post the other day that had some interesting perspectives on repentance. How many Saints are focused way too much on the “subtraction” aspect of the repentance process? How many are locked in guilt-laden cycles focused on ceasing behavior […]


The Tomb and the Grove

Jul 22, 2013  |   by: Steve Reed

The Tomb In the what is today the first book of the New Testament we have an interesting account at the very end of Matthew. Here, it appears that Matthew is attempting to debunk an anti-Christian rumor that was going […]