Video: Nature by Numbers

Oct 29, 2011
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  1. Amazing what can be taught without words.

    • I do know that our brains are hard-wired for music and rhythm.

      In Michael Schneider’s book “A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe” he writes “Musical strings were considered imperfect representations of archetypal ideas and pure mathematical motions. When vibrating, these strings were thought to resonate with the archetypal tones, manifesting cosmic principles. Thus, music was seen as having great power for producing harmony on earth…It was well known throughout ancient civilizations that music bypasses the intellect with the power to manipulate passions and emotions. In this way music was used to heal.”

      • Richard J. Nobbe III

        I would also argue that music can communicate spiritual truths to us if we listen for them, the same way physical symbols can lead us to spiritual truths if we watch for them.

        BTW, I have “A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe” on my Christmas list, and I can’t wait to read it!

  2. Richard J. Nobbe III

    Words are inadequate to express truth in its purest form. We do the best we can with a written and spoken language. This is why symbols are so important. While not an end in themselves, they are a higher way of pointing us to truths that are difficult to comprehend with words alone.

    The Savoir also teaches us by example. Actions teach. “Preach the Gospel, use words if necessary.” And another form of glorious communication? Music. Perhaps I am biased, but rarely in the Church do we talk about the impact music has on our learning. Is it any coincidence music is such an integral part of our Sacrament Meeting? Is it any coincidence that before Christ and His disciples had left the last supper they sang “an Hymn?” When we sit down in the Chapel, is it scriptures that usually greet us, or a book of sacred Hymns?

    But music does not have to be in the form of a Hymn to teach us sacred doctrine. Look at this video for example. Does it not add to one’s learning? Try taking the music away. Mute your computer or other electronic device, and watch the video from the beginning without any music. Is your experience the same? Why or why not?

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