First oneClimbs Documentary: “Reading Temples”

Mar 21, 2013
0 min read

Did you know that you can “read” temples? What if all of the temples around the world today constituted a vast library of new scripture just waiting to be read if we had eyes to see? This presentation covers some basic concepts relating to LDS Symbology and a guide to approaching the subject of learning symbolism.

This video presentation incorporates my first attempt at presenting principles related to “reading” temples. The content of the video is suitable for all ages and anyone interested in learning how understanding symbols can play an incredible part of their spiritual lives.

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7 years ago

This is fabulous! The only thing it needs is a musical soundtrack underlaid. Are you considering doing that?

6 years ago

Finally had time to watch this whole presentation, and I am so glad I did. I have been to a presentation by Val Brinkerhoff and it was amazing, but I love how accessible this video is, that we can pause and look, take notes, and grab our own scriptures to read along. Well done. Thank you for your efforts! It has blessed my life today!

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