“The Lady Of The Temple” Conference via the Academy of Temple Studies

Dec 5, 2013
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This conference which took place on October 23, 2013, in Logan, Utah was filmed and posted here at the Academy of Temple Studies and at TempleStudy.com.

First off, let me just say that I was really blown away by this conference; the insights presented were so rich, edifying and paradigm-shifting. Posting this today is a bit symbolic to me personally because today I celebrate two birthdays; the day I was born of my mother in the flesh and the day I was baptized by water and the Spirit by ordinances administer by my father.

As important as fathers and priesthood authority are, it is equally important to understand mothers and motherhood and how each plays an essential role in our salvation.

Just so you know, I don’t post anything on oneClimbs.com unless I feel that it is of particular value. I recommend viewing all of these videos and not skipping a single one because they build upon each other.

If you are a woman, then stop what you are doing and watch this conference!

I was the only boy in my family and was blessed with three little sisters, and as a father, I have been blessed with three little daughters, so the role and divine purpose of women is something close to my heart. I think that the information presented in this conference will be part of a greater understanding of women in the plan of salvation.

The beauty and inspired nature of LDS doctrine concerning men and women in God’s plan is seen afresh and in a new light, or perhaps, a more correct light. The truth is right there in front of us, we just don’t really understand what it is we are seeing, or worse, we misinterpret and perpetuate incorrect perspectives of reality.

This conference is a step towards reversing those incorrect notions by attempting to look through the lens of the past so that we can see more clearly in the present.

Introduction by Philip Barlow

Margaret Barker on “The Woman Clothed with the Sun in the Book of Revelation”

William Dever on “Did God Have a Wife? Folk Religion in Ancient Israel”

John Thompson on “The Lady at the Horizon: Egyptian Tree-Goddess Iconography and Sacred Trees”

Alyson Von Feldt on “Wisdom and the Spirit in Restoration Scripture”

Valerie Hudson on “The Two Trees”

Panel Discussion


  1. Richard J. Nobbe III

    AMAZING! I was able to see Valerie Hudson give the “Two Trees” talk before, and it was outstanding! You can read the 2010 version at:


    Thanks for Posting!!!

  2. Jennie Hurlbut

    Steven, the Academy for Temple Studies group appreciates this enthusiastic review. Would you be willing to post it at the Temple Studies website as a reply to the Videos on the News page? Thanks!

    • I left a comment. I’m working on something right now that I should be publishing soon that relates birth symbols to Lehi’s vision and temples in an infographic centered around the tree/rod concept, so stay tuned!

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