Jun 18, 2018
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Nope, this post is not about Levi’s blue jeans, I didn’t realize that my last post was my 500th post here at oneClimbs.com so this one is post #501. I had plans to do something really special but nothing really materialized.

July 1st is a big milestone because it will mark 8 years since I started this blog back in 2010 so I’m glad I could sneak 500 in before the anniversary. It is staggering to think how much I have learned since then (well, to me at least) and will continue to learn in the decades to come; man, I just can’t wait! I have about 99 drafts still sitting unfinished and tons of other stuff sitting in my Evernote account and handwritten journals which is where a lot of posts originate.

With so much that I’d like to get done and so little time to do it, I think I understand a little why eternity will be so refreshing and why it is called “heaven.” Putting my thoughts into words and taking the time to try and explain my thoughts has helped me immensely. I highly recommend the practice of putting your thoughts down into words. The main reason I do it publicly is that it forces me to consider an audience.

oneClimbs.com doesn’t generate any revenue, I don’t promote it or seek traffic, it just is what it is and if anyone finds something useful then that’s fine; if not, no biggie. I do appreciate those that leave comments, there have been some great ones that have influenced and inspired me greatly.

Richard N. I love your humor and wit, Particle Man I appreciate your wisdom; a shout out to both of you. My favorite comment of all time was from “Rob” who said:

“This is a revelation that came to me in the midst of a trial I had that was of the caliber of Job’s trials: The Law of Sacrifice is the ‘Scale of Weights’ that measures Love. Love can only be measured when it is balanced in a scale against sacrifice.”

I’ve thought about that line for years, I’ve shared it, and it has taken me on an amazing journey of understanding, thanks, Rob.

Anyway, let’s see what kind of stuff I discover on the way to post #600 and beyond. Back to climbing…


  1. Particle Man

    Well, that was unexpected. Thanks! I appreciate your balance of spirituality and intellect.

    Congrats on the milestone!

    Now, if the color of the tribe of Levi were blue (it’s actually white, black and red, whereas Judah is blue, or azure), or if you were exploring a Hebrew word whose gematria is 501 (some interesting possibilities there), then this post could have conceivably been about one of those (among the many concoctions you have brewing). But instead, this post is perhaps more along the lines of:

    HTTP Error 501 – Not Implemented:
    The server does not support the functionality required to fulfill the request.


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