VIDEO: The Mystery of Magenta

Jun 28, 2013
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Sometimes some of the greatest mysteries are right in front of our eyes every day. This morning I came across this YouTube Video called “The Mystery of Magenta” and was really interested in how this guy approached the subject of how the brain perceives color.

You’ll have to check it out and ponder the implications. I was blown away at how the color magenta is different from all the other colors and how it might be the answer to some things I have experienced. All I can say about it is that I think there is something to the color magenta and the veil; perhaps someone out there will know what I am talking about.


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This online color test to check your “color vision” is interesting, and I had coincidentally just tried it prior to seeing your post:


St. John of the Cross in ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ wrote about three layers of vestments. White, green, purple. Some translations say red, others purple. It might be something that would add to your study and thoughts. Chapter 21.


This is a really long editing of three I shared with a friend earlier, any less and context is removed. “The soul, then, touched with the love of Christ the Spouse, and longing to attain to His grace and gain His goodwill, goes forth here disguised with that disguise which most vividly represents the affections of its spirit and which will protect it most securely on its journey from its adversaries and enemies, which are the devil, the world and the flesh. Thus the livery which it wears is of three chief colours–white, green and purple–denoting the three theological virtues,… Read more »