Thinking that neglects feeling demonstrates ignorance; feeling that takes no thought has no heart. - Kevin Christensen

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    I would like to address the subject of modern idolatry in the form of wars of aggression, near-eastern emperor-vassal covenants, and voting your conscience. The following is an excerpt from Spencer W. Kimball’s classic talk The False Gods We Worship.…

    “If it hasn’t happened to you—it should.” [1] That’s what President Ezra Taft Benson had to say about the changing of the human heart and being born of God. I would argue that if this has not happened in your life, then it should rise immediately…

    There is a phrase I hear repeated every now and then among members of the church. Typically when there is an issue they come across that challenges their faith, they are able to either reconcile that issue one way or…

    Your body is a cosmos of atomic stars, molecular constellations, and cellular galaxies; the whole system moving according to your will
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