Respect the old when you are young. Help the weak when you are strong. Forgive the fault when you are right. Because, one day in life you’ll be old, weak, and wrong. - Unknown
    The oneClimbs Podcast
    The oneClimbs Podcast
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    Awesome Mormon Messages video. I’m constantly impressed with the fantastic media put out by the church nowadays. I really enjoy these short videos with really powerful and touching messages and how they touch on very rich subjects in such abstract…

    I’m going to be presenting a class this Friday (October 26, 2016) called Journaling Principles That Work, at the Family Roots Expo in St. George, UT – here’s a link to the full schedule. I will be speaking on Friday in the Auditorium…

    There are at least five core elements that are used in the ordinance of the sacrament. Back on June 16th of this year I took down some ideas in my notebook concerning them so here they are. I will also…

    The following image was sent to me by a oneClimbs reader. The request was to help interpret the symbols on her ward meetinghouse steeple. I decided to reply to her in the form of a full post since the information…

    "Thus, in all its various expressions, selfishness is really self-destruction in slow motion!" - Neal A. Maxwell
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