What is recognisable in temple theology is what we know as Christianity - Margaret Barker

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    Personally, I don’t have much use for optimism or pessimism, where you expect the best or the worst outcome. I’m more of a pragmatist in that I see myself as “one who holds that the meaning of beliefs are the…

    I checked my feeds today over at and posted in LeadingLDS was a Google Hangout interview with the guys over at “This Week in Mormons”. After listening, I decided to check out their site and a podcast and these guys are…

    @fodelwdc As I was pondering some scriptures today, the Spirit taught me something that caused a significant paradigm shift in my mind. Two verses of scripture that are very meaningful to me revealed a blindspot in my perceptions of myself,…

    There are a lot of things that I believe are true and a lot of things that I do not believe are true. There are also things that I “know” are true like the existence of the city of Jerusalem.…

    I’ve noticed a connection between the familiar “all-seeing-eye” symbol that adorns everything from our money, to occult and Masonic imagery and the Salt Lake Temple. All this aside, there’s another connection that I find far more fascinating.

    And for arrogance, I have seen nothing breed it faster or in more offensive forms than the worship of the letter. - George MacDonald
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    Today was the day, 186 years ago that the Nephite record known as The Book of Mormon passed from immortal to mortal hands. Interestingly enough, that night as these events unfolded to the knowledge of a few, the Jews blew…

    Some great vids illustrating the incredible amount of sugar intake we get from sodas! Bust out the sugar packets!