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Pictured above is my latest rendering of the Nephite Interpreters that were in the possession of Joseph Smith for a time. I have always wondered what these instruments must have looked like so I began by creating a few simple illustrations. Over…

A trailer for a new movie called “Soul” dropped recently about a movie where the main character goes to a “spirit world” awaiting the “great beyond” and accidentally wanders into an area that isn’t heaven but is a kind of…

The Lectures on Faith is a fantastic addition to the doctrinal knowledge base of the Latter-day Saints. They were part of the Doctrine and Covenants for almost 100 years and were separated from the canon on the grounds that they…


Remembering brings the power of the past to the present

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  • Steve Reed on Mormon Yeshiva: “Unfortunately they are no longer available. It was too time-consuming to ship them out one by one.Sep 28, 08:37
  • KC on Lehi’s escape from a polygamist Jerusalem: “I really appreciate your work! And feel the Spirit in your responses to replies. I love that the truth about…Sep 28, 07:18
  • KC on Lehi’s escape from a polygamist Jerusalem: “Isaac wasn’t a polygamist. And neither was Joseph Smith.Sep 28, 07:04
  • Tara Lounsbury on Mormon Yeshiva: “I found the LDSSymbols site because of your YouTube video, actually! But I never made the connection between those things…Sep 28, 05:46

To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without any virtue in the people, is a chimerical idea.James Madison

This is the first of 6 videos that are being done for the Isaiah Institute and Avraham Gileadi. He hasn’t allowed embedding on these videos so just click the graphic below. I thought these were pretty well done and if…