Keep my eyes open. Give things time. And re-examine my own assumptions now and then. The alternative is to not pay attention. Insist on final answers now. And never re-examine my own assumptions. Either choice on these three points has consequences in life. - Kevin Christensen

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    This is an interesting read from MC over at Junior Ganymede. The original post can be viewed at its source here, but I’ve included the entirety of it here below: My oldest will be old enough for Kindergarten in the…

    I came across this post the other day that had some interesting perspectives on repentance. How many Saints are focused way too much on the “subtraction” aspect of the repentance process? How many are locked in guilt-laden cycles focused on ceasing behavior…

    Is there an amazing host of rich symbolism contained in the architecture of LDS chapels? I’ve put together some information that suggests that there is more than meets the eye; you might never look at you local chapel the same way again.

    "By controlling our reactions, being calm and temperate and avoiding contention, we will begin to qualify for the gift of meekness." - Ulisses Soares
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    Please take some time to go through and read the words of this great man, George Washington. May there yet be men like this in the world to lead and inspire us.

    I came across this short video over at that attributes a lack of desire for change to exhaustion rather than laziness in some cases. The guy makes a fairly reasonable argument, but I’m not quite sure that laziness and exhaustion…