How are we “Saved”?

Oct 3, 2010
26 min read

What is salvation? What does it mean to be ‘saved’? I think if you asked a thousand people, then you would get probably a thousand different answers. Is it really that complicated, or is it really simple? Where do we go to find the answers?

The Wise Man on the Mountain

Sep 27, 2010
18 min read

At some point in life we all may have struggled with becoming distracted while we pray; our minds wander off to other topics or we don’t feel like a connection is being made. Several years ago my Institute of Religion teacher shared something with me that changed how I viewed prayer forever.

The Two Trees

Sep 20, 2010
33 min read

In her 2010 FAIR Conference presentation “The Two Trees”, Valerie Hudson discusses the relationship and differences between men and women in the gospel with insights into the two trees in the Garden of Eden.

Belief, Faith, Hope, Perfect Knowledge and the Scientific Method

Sep 17, 2010
17 min read

What is belief and what is faith? Where does hope enter the picture? Where does knowledge stand in relation to these principles and how does it all work together?

How Witnesses Described the “Gold Plates”

Sep 13, 2010
9 min read

Although no single comprehensive description of the Book of Mormon plates has been preserved, the Prophet Joseph Smith and several people closely associated with him made various statements that include partial descriptions of the plates. When we consider all the sources together, quite a detailed picture emerges of the physical characteristics of the ancient Nephite record.

Physical Parallels Between The Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ

Sep 10, 2010
2 min read

The Book of Mormon is said to be another testament of Jesus Christ. To most, the words of the book are the testament, but have you ever thought of the physical parallels?

The Pride and Prosperity Cycles

Sep 5, 2010
10 min read

The pride cycle is something known to Latter-day Saints through the study of the Book of Mormon. It usually consists of prosperity followed by pride, then destruction and humility in a course that seems to continually repeat itself. But are there exceptions and is this seemingly circular pattern always met with the same results?

Titles for the Third Member of the Godhead

Sep 2, 2010
1 min read

Most know him as the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit, but how many titles does he have? Here’s a list of all the titles that I have discovered thus far.

Voice of the Spirit Video

Sep 1, 2010
0 min read

This is a Mormon Messages video that I noticed today on I thought it presented a wonderful analogy for the Spirit.

A Guide to Keeping Your Own “Small Plates”

Aug 30, 2010
15 min read

In first Nephi chapter one verse one of the Book of Mormon, Nephi begins by saying “…therefore I make a record of my proceedings in my days”. The very first verse in the Book of Mormon makes reference to record-keeping. Later on, Nephi makes two sets of records with an important distinction between the two.

Interpreters and Combinations

Aug 25, 2010
28 min read

The Book of Mormon and early history of the LDS Church speak of two sacred stones known as “interpreters” or a “Urim and Thummim”. What were they, what secrets were they meant to reveal and why?

A Simple Etymological Study Method That Anyone Can Do

Aug 23, 2010
12 min read

There is a simple but powerful method that I find myself using more and more for studying the doctrines of the gospel and I would like to share it with you.

It’ll Never Work!

Aug 20, 2010
17 min read

I found this list of quotes years ago that includes many statements by very prominent, very intelligent people speaking of items relating to scientific advancement that will never work or never happen. It’s quite humorous, but it says a lot I think about how much we have to learn in the future.

The Marvelous Work of Fulfilling the Covenant: Part 4 of 4

Aug 18, 2010
32 min read

In this final part of a four part series we will look into how the Abrahamic covenant will be fulfilled to all the families of the earth.

The Marvelous Work of Fulfilling the Covenant: Part 3 of 4

Aug 17, 2010
9 min read

We return to Christ’s ministry among the remnant of the House of Joseph upon the American continent in 34 AD. Jesus reveals the sign that will accompany the commencement of the fulfilling of the covenant.

The Marvelous Work of Fulfilling the Covenant: Part 2 of 4

Aug 16, 2010
16 min read

In Part 1, the Abrahamic covenant was outlined and the issues regarding its fulfillment were presented. Next will be the exploration of Book of Mormon verses concerning this fulfillment.

The Marvelous Work of Fulfilling the Covenant: Part 1 of 4

Aug 15, 2010
4 min read

God made a covenant with Abraham, to Issac, to Jacob and to all of Israel and these covenants extend to all who follow Jesus Christ. When will this covenant be fulfilled? The Book of Mormon holds the keys.

The Brass Plates vs. The Old Testament

Aug 14, 2010
3 min read

Which was larger, the Brass Plates that the Nephites possessed or the Old Testament that we currently have in our possession today?

The Sacred Number 8

Aug 13, 2010
2 min read

The number 8 occurs many times in scripture under different contexts, it’s interesting to see these occurrences and think about their meaning.

A Look At The Doctrine of The Trinity

Aug 12, 2010
31 min read

The purpose of this research is to take a look at New Testament scriptures for insights or evidence into the structure of the Godhead.